Tuition and Fees

Registration and Classroom Supply Fees

There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $550 due at the time of enrollment each year. For families with more than one child, the registration fee for the youngest sibling is $450 per child. 

Classroom Supply Fee 

Families are required to pay a Classroom supply fee of $150 upon enrollment and each year as a part of re-enrollment. The classroom supply fee is $130 for each additional child.   


SSKids Academy has a continuum of services that are offered in efforts to tailor our programs for each individual student and to be able to serve more children and families in our community.

Multiple Child Discount  

Families with two or more children enrolled at SSKids Academy are eligible for a sibling discount of $100 to be applied to the youngest child’s monthly tuition fee.  

Please call for more information: (239) 351-6997