Academics & Curriculum

Our mission is to "Prepare students for life by developing in them the academic, social, physical, and problem-solving skills necessary to live constructively in a rapidly changing society."

About Autisms Helper

This curriculum can cover the instructional needs for students working on early childhood and elementary level skills. The Autism Helper curriculum includes Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Functional Literacy, Math, Functional Math, Science, and Social Studies. Give each student access to learning materials that fit their needs and skill set. Students can work on the same core concepts but in a method and level that works for them.

Academy Programs

SSkids Academy is divided into 2 distinctive programs designed to uniquely address the needs of children at their varying stages of academic, cognitive, and social development.   

  • Lower Elementary  
  • Upper Elementary  


SSkids Academy, offers individualized learning goals and differentiated instruction all within a warm and nurturing environment. 

The students are placed in ability groups where they work on their own individual academic program. As each student progresses within their ability group they are encouraged to move onto the next skill level. SSkids Academy offers an intense reading, writing, and math skill program. We also offer social skills, physical education, science, and social studies.